MHz Foundation Announces Fundraising Campaign in 2021

MHz Foundation
2 min readApr 15, 2021

An Open Call for Grant Funding to Support Taxonomy and Data Structure Efforts for the Open Knowledge Community at Large

MHz Foundation is a non-profit organization that enriches the lives of knowledge-seeking individuals, through the provision of curated content that broadens their understanding of the world.

MHz Foundation completed the beta launch of in 2019, a searchable CMS database of Creative Commons, open access, and public domain content.

This year, MHz Curationist will launch Curationist 2.0, a bespoke, open access platform for arts and culture enthusiasts, to share their stories around cultural objects; thereby, contributing their story into the greater cultural quilt of our shared world. A novel, interactive, and trustworthy web platform, it will provide new tools and opportunities to engage with arts and culture through ways of co-creative authorship.

Over the past three years, MHz Curationist has come to understand that building an impactful storytelling platform with global reach requires standardizing the various taxonomies and data structures currently in use in the Creative Commons.

Most recently, we have been acutely focused on maximizing the potential of metadata through our open access content stream and content store that seeks to benefit our community at large.

Since 2018, we have partnered with, learned from, and built upon the great work of organizations such as Creative Commons, Internet Archive, the Smithsonian, Wikipedia, and Mozilla; at present, we are seeking further grant backing to continue our work.

Specifically, Curationist 2.0 will provide a centralized source of Creative Commons data that can be tagged and augmented with metadata, thus allowing various platforms to offer enhanced storytelling.

An Open Call for Grant Support & Mission-Driven Partners

To bring out of its beta phase, the MHz Foundation must raise $200,000 in grants and donations by October 1, 2021, in order to offer a full release in November 2021. MHz Foundation is asking the open knowledge and GLAM communities for their support, as well as corporate partners who seek to make meaningful strides towards an internet that is representative of the diverse richness of our world.

Our Grant Coordinator, Hilary Osborne, will provide all prospective supporters with access to materials detailing the five developmental stages of the Curationist project. If you have any interest in helping MHz Foundation with its mission-driven work, please contact for more information.

Connect with us on Twitter and LinkedIn @MHzCurationist, and subscribe to our email list to get notified about new developments, and first access to our open access tools.

We look forward to #ExpandingCultureTogether.

Christian Dawson

Executive Director, MHz Foundation



MHz Foundation

The MHz Foundation’s nonprofit mission is to bring international education & perspective to influential US and global markets through digital media programming.