MHz Curationist: Collaboratively Framing the World We Share

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3 min readSep 23, 2019


As AI amps up, this new global arts and culture site doubles down on human power to drive collaborative content creation and open knowledge.

Launching in its Beta-phase this past Spring, is the first digital global arts and culture project of the MHz Foundation. Through Curationist, MHz built a contemporary platform that would modernize its non-profit mission of bringing international cultural content to the world, in an openly accessible way.

What makes Curationist special is its globally infused and deeply collaborative storytelling approach that allow curated content selections to be pulled and shared from the Creative Commons and public domain.

How It Works:

Leading Curationist’s global collective of content curators is Content Curation Director, Virginia Poundstone, collaborating with her team to engage with volunteers who share a desire to make their perspectives visible to the world; done so in purpose of deepening cultural awareness, bringing to light underrepresented voices, and inspiring meaningful connections.

Content Curation Director, Virginia Poundstone, presenting MHz Curationist at the Creative Commons Summit in Lisbon, Portugal in May of 2019.

“Art in-and-of-itself can convey a feeling, but curation is a little bit different because it takes the art, contextualizes it and then builds a story arc that takes you on a journey that teaches you about the perspectives through which the art was generated. If you really want to moved to action and have your mind shifted, a curated exhibit is a full experience that gives you the context necessary to hit you in the heart and the mind”

— Christian Dawson, Executive Director of the MHz Foundation

To learn more about the inspiration behind Curationist, click through to read ‘Curationist in Conversation’ featuring Executive Director, Christian Dawson, and Sponsorship Director, Hilary Osborne.

Curationist’s next phase of development will be focused on its growing community of volunteer curators and readers, catering to them with a 2.0 platform that not only provides access to engaging content, but one that facilitates its creation with ease, fulfillment, and recognition.

The Curationist team will be at MozFest 2019 this month; they look forward to connecting with collaborators who share in Curationist’s vision for open cultures.

We all have a story to tell; are you ready to share yours? Join Us in framing the world we share.

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